NOTE: This post is a departure from our usual satire, and covers a real news event.

Fire aftermath Webb School

Webb School as seen the morning of July 10, 2012

This is a morning-after post covering the fire at Webb School, which we covered live as it was breaking last night.

Above: This is Webb School now, in a photo taken moments ago on Holbrook St NE near Mt Olivet Rd.

Media this morning reported neighbors seeing persons inside the school before the fire. While I haven’t been able to independently verify that, I can confirm that neighbors have pleaded to the city for many months to better secure the building. Those concerns fell on deaf ears.

This morning, I haven’t heard back from Mayor Vince Gray in response to my query regarding securing the school.  And, his website and Twitter account are both silent on this devastating fire as well.  He probably has other things to worry about this morning, but something would be nice.

UPDATE: I can confirm that a reliable DC government source says this morning that the building was “totally unsecured” as of yesterday, the day of the fire.  Also, the school had a lot of old furniture and other equipment, as it was basically being used as a storage warehouse.  This source is well-placed and verified, with personal knowledge of the school.

Below: a photo of the fire engulfing Webb School on Holbrook St NE.