Sign outside of Tru Orleans today. Credit: @montyhobbs

H Street bar “Tru Orleans” is “closed until further notice” according to a sign posted outside the restaurant at 400 H Street NE.  Opening to a lot of fanfare, the bar received mixed reviewsNo word yet on whether this is a permanent or temporary closure, and their Twitter account hasn’t been updated since July 31  A rep of Tru Orleans now says they closed temporarily due to a “little water problem”. More details as they come in.  Have a tip? e-mail

What do you think?  Anyone ever eat there?

UPDATE 3pm: Brad of Tru Orleans writes “We’re open now we had a little water problem.” (see comment below)

UPDATE 3:15pm: Frozen Tropics was told via phone that it was a “waiter” problem and they were too short staffed to open for lunch. Whether waiter or water, they’re open now.