From the Ward 5 listserv, an ANC commissioner issued allegations of police impersonation by one of his colleagues:

Good morning Ms. Woodland,

I am writing to ask why anyone should vote for you when you illegally and intentionally misrepresent yourself as a member of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

Yesterday afternoon while in the 1000 block of Girard St. NE, at approximately 12:00pm, I took pictures of your car (please see below). Conspicuously posted in your dashboard was a placard with the MPD emblem next to the letters POLICE.

Clearly you have placed such a placard in your window to receive benefits due to only sworn members of the MPD. What would you say or do if there was an life-threatening emergency, and someone came to you for help, believing that you are a police officer?

Why should anyone vote for someone who would fraudulently represent themselves as a member of the Metropolitan Police Department?

Vaughn Bennett, Commissioner
ANC 5B04
Vice-Chair ANC 5B

So- what do you think?  Is this considered police impersonation?  Last year, MPD arrested former ABC board chair Charles Brodsky for doing the same thing (story here– charges later dropped because he’s a cop in VA), but it remains to be seen if MPD will apply the law similarly to a sitting ANC commissioner that has politically-connected low-numbered license plates.