Community members unable to discuss other community members, events, or rules of the Kingman Park Civic Association. (artist depiction; actual photo unavailable because it would be prohbited by the rules)

The Kingman Park Civic Association, which recently attempted to derail the progress of the city’s streetcar line via an historic preservation request, has some bizarre rules, including ones aimed at suppressing the free speech of its members. 

Will Sommer over at the City Paper has the scoop, with a copy of the super-top-secret rules obtained from the association’s recent historic preservation application.

Among those rules: members (and non-members) cannot talk about members of the association without prior approval of the association.  From the rules:

No member or non-member will be permitted to obtain membership, or retain membership in the association, if he or she disparages, defames, libels, or discusses other members of the association in and through print media, electronic mail [e-mail], telephone or any other mode of communication that is not authorized or permitted by association, its executive board and officers.

The City Paper put the rules online, for all to see, which is itself prohibited under the rules: