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The Warehouse Loft, home to mostly artistic performances and electronica shows on the weekends, announced to the Washington City Paper that it has closed. The space was located at 411 NY Avenue in ANC 5B, just behind the Union Market.

On Saturday September 29, Warehouse Loft branched out and allowed a hiphop group to perform.  Although the club kept careful track of the capacity, a large group was waiting outside and decided to rush the doors.  Security staff closed the doors, and someone was shot outside.  Soon after, MPD police chief Cathy Lanier closed the artist space because it posed an “imminent” threat to public safety after the shooting.  The building’s owner then said he wouldn’t renew the space’s lease, so Warehouse Loft closed before an Alcohol Beverage Control Board hearing to discuss the license.

The City Paper has more information, and it’s worth a read.