Bardo, the huge 500-person brewpub featuring an expansive beer selection and outdoor area, hopes to open next year but they need a hand. With $300k in cash and $300k in brewing equipment, they’ve turned to online donation site Indigogo to fundraise the additional $110k required to open.
From the Bardo folks:

We have recently purchased a Beeutiful vacant lot in N.E. D.C., near the H. St. party corridor, in preparation for re-opening Bardo. The liquor license has been approved and construction plans have been submitted to the city. Construction is slated to start in December 2012. Plans for the bar include self serve taps, 500 outdoor seats, a funky building made from shipping containers, and the biggest brewery in the DC area. Bardo Rodeo operated in the 90’s as the largest brewpub in the country. The 22000 sq. ft. facility included 900 indoor & 700 outdoor seats and a 25-barrel brewhouse. As one of the first bars in the Clarendon neighborhood in Arlington VA, Bardo brewed 4000 kegs a year and enjoyed thousands of visitors each weekend. Indigogo provides the opportunity for Bardo to raise money to fund the project.

It’s like paying half price for the beer now but drinking it later.

To donate to the cause (and in turn get half-price beer), visit their IndieGogo page.
(h/t to Frozen Tropics, who reported this last night)