Kathy Henderson (File photo)

UPDATE: After reading this, be sure to read our followup post with video and audio of Henderson’s election day antics.

Not surprisingly, Kathy Henderson is at it again.  From Twitter and e-mail, the Titan Election HQ is getting multiple reports of hostility and possible electioneering violations by ANC 5D05 candidate Kathy Henderson at Precinct number 79 (Brown Jr. High).  One woman reported that Henderson “verbally assaulted me” and “followed me around to try and get my vote” after the voter made it clear she didn’t want to be bothered. 

Another voter, on Henderson: “She has showed off today. She really showed herself.”  That seems to say it all.

In addition, Henderson is trying a last-minute stunt: printing out flyers containing attacks of challenger Darlene Glymph, complete with Glymph’s home address, voter registration, etc. One catch- the flyers seems to violate election rules requiring disclosure of who paid for them. What’s more, the flyers attempt to be an attempt at playing partisan politics in a strictly non-partisan ANC race.  The main reason Henderson says to vote for her?  She’s a democrat. Copy of the flyer is below.

We’ve asked the DC Board of Elections to investigate, but nothing heard back yet; however, persons at the precinct state that both the Metropolitan Police and the Board of Elections officials have responded to the site.  Ward 5 resdient (and former Council candidate) Tim Day tweeted: “”How many times will MPD have to go to p #79 to deal with Kathy Henderson today? Voters calling cops on her. Bad campaigning”.

UPDATE: We’ve obtained a copy of the flyer handed out by Henderson, and it’s below.   We’re also obtaining video and/or photos and will post them when available.

In addition, seniors and the disabled may have trouble voting as well- reports from voters this morning state that the precint does not have curbside voting, even though it is supposed to be offered by law upon request.

Flyer giver out to voters at Precinct 79 (Brown Jr. High). Henderson’s trying to play partisan politics in a non-partisan ANC race.