From the founders of Taylor Gourmet comes a new cheesesteak and water ice shop on H Street NE: Taylor Charles’ Steak and Ice.  Located at 1320 H Street NE, it’ll offer cheesesteaks, hot dogs, water ice, and sides (fries, cheesesteak eggrolls, etc).  Last night, they held an invite-only event, but Titan of Trinidad was able to get in using a combination of hoodwinkery:  1) the old “Oh, I was just outside smoking, let me back in” routine followed by 2) “I’m a blogger…umm.. it’s called ‘Go Spork Yoself’- an artisanal street food blog.” 

Anyway, they open tomorrow (December 12), and it’s worth checking out:

Outside 1320 H St NE- lots of neon, reminiscant of Philly’s famous steak places.


The windows out front have a cool, hip, industrial vibe that resonates with hip urbananites flooding H Street.

The staff were kept busy all night, preparing samples of cheesesteaks, hotdogs, fries, and deep fried steak & cheese eggrolls.

Patrons enjoying their chessesteaks and beer

The cheesesteak, with house-made “White Whiz”

The place has an outdoor sidewalk feel to it, complete with outdoor tables. Caution- the cheesy sauce can drip through the tables to your pants. And, as delicious as it is, you don’t want to walk around with the Taylor boys’ white sauce all over you.