DC recently formed a new Board of Ethics and Government Accountability to investigate possible ethics violations of DC government employees, including DC councilors.  After reporting on the Vinny Orange Money Machine, we were curious as to how one might report a potential ethics violation.

While the Board has the authority to initiate an investigation on its own, tips from citizens may bring to light information that the Board may not be aware of.  While we couldn’t easily find a link to the Board by searching the dc.gov website, we eventually arrived to the website by guessing it: http://bega.dc.gov.

To ask the Board of Ethics to investigate Orange’s rat scandal, we’ve made it simple:  CLICK HERE to start a new e-mail to the Board of Ethics asking them to investigate. (You’re welcome.)

If you know of a potential ethics violation of which the Board may be unaware and should investigate, you can also snitch by filling out a formal paper complaint, drop a dime via e-mail, or phone the hotline (202-535-1002).