Kathy Henderson (file photo)

Kathy Henderson (file photo)

A brief update to the Kathy Henderson case: A reliable source with collaborative access to the investigation, whose reporting has been corroborated in the past, reports that MPD investigators have wrapped up their criminal investigation into Henderson’s election day antics and have submitted paperwork to request an arrest warrant.  If the U.S. Attorney’s Office states it is willing to prosecute the case, the warrant application will go to a judge for final approval.

A poll worker and witnesses accused Henderson of electioneering and stated that she interfered with the voting process.  When they called the police on election day, Henderson allegedly called higher-up MPD officials to call off the officers and the officers left.  In addition, sources state Henderson filed a complaint against the initial responding officers.  A police source related that MPD officials initially sided with Henderson and nearly took the officers off the street, but canceled their investigations against officers once they saw our video online.  At that time, MPD stated to us that they were no longer involved and referred any questions to the Board of Elections, who then curiously stated it was in MPD’s hands.

Following a formal complaint by the poll worker to the Board of Elctions, the BOE referred the matter back to MPD, who investigated the allegations.

To be clear, this does not indicate guilt, but rather signals that MPD’s investigation has concluded.  More on this as it develops, but this is all we have as of this evening (Jan 14).

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