DC Soundstage


MPD reports a quintuple shooting inside a bar/club in the Kingman Park area this morning:

This morning at about 2:30 am, five people were shot inside a club in the 2400 block of Benning Road, NE.

A woman and four men received non-life threatening injuries when a man inside the bar shot at patrons.

We do not have any suspect, nor have we discovered a motive for this shooting.

When more information becomes available we will pass it to the community and we ask that if anyone has any information that may be helpful you please call 727-9099.

Andy Solberg
Commander, 5D

When we stopped by the scene this morning, it was quiet, save for an NBC 4 reporter and camera man.  The shooting occurred inside the DC Soundstage, a local bar/pool club and special events space.

According to a local neighbor, MPD had a stationary unit parked nearby as part of a crime suppression strategy most of the night.  It is unclear if they were nearby at the time 5 people were shot, and MPD did not release the address location or whether units were nearby.

According to several people, including @SuitcaseGatito, it’s a pretty quiet place that hasn’t caused trouble. Here’s hoping it’s an isolated incident.

Will update as additional details become available.  Thanks to readers @SuitcaseGatito, @FritzHahn, & @DCABloob.