Vincent Orange's Money Machine

 We’ve  been covering the Vincent Orange scandal, wherein the Councilman apparently tried to keep a filthy wholesale grocery store open, despite health inspectors stating it had a rodent infestation and other violations so severe that it posed a threat to public health.  Orange’s intervention allowed the establishment to remain open until later in the day, when the director of DOH sided with inspectors & closed the business.  In less than 24 hours, after councilman’s intervention, the business reopened.

WUSA-9’s investigative reporter Russ Ptacek obtained 20 photographs taken by health inspectors during their attempt to shutter Sam Wang Produce due to conditions posing danger to the wholesaler’s many customers, including restaurants, markets, and citizens.

Yesterday, we covered a relationship between Vincent Orange and over $20,000 in donations made entities affilitated with Sam Wang Produce.  Orange retorted via Twitter. “P.S. Critics get new material!”  Now that we have moer material, however, Orange’s press folks say he doesn’t want to provide any more comments.

Four photos of the disgusting images are below, and you can view the rest of them on Russ Ptacek’s post at WUSA-9’s website.  He’s done some great work on this, so be sure to click over and take a look.  The Washington City Paper also published some photos from the inspection.