MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

A police source sent us documents wherein a Maryland woman accused MPD Chief Lanier recently of domestic violence, alleging stalking, harassment, and some outrageous behavior. On February 8th, a Maryland judge dismissed the woman’s claims, and the DC Office of Attorney General is representing the police chief.

In a petition for protection from domestc violence, Germantown, Maryland resident Deborah Derivas accused MPD Chief Lanier (allegedly also known as “Donra Derivas”) of shoving, threats of violence, stalking, harassment, arranging a forced marriage, using multiple names, “car ramming,” car accidents, and interfering with the petitioner’s relationships, among other bizarre accusations. According to the petition, Ms. Derivas states she believes Lanier’s motive is “professional and probably personal gain,” which is difficult to imagine.

In addition to protection, the petition requested $4000 per week in cash, to be obtained from Lanier’s income allegedly dervied from “police duties, movies, TV, music, and all intellectual property.”

Despite its outlandish claims, the petition lists specific (although unconfirmed) information about the MPD chief, including a height, weight, date of birth, eye color, and “7” scars/tattoos.

On February 8th, the Mongomery County court threw the case out, dismissing the strage claims. And, on February 15, court case information indicates that DC’s Office of Attorney General entered an appearance as counsel for Lanier. The motives for the odd accusations are unclear.

According to MPD’s General Orders posted online, an MPD police investigation is required of police officers accused of serious misconduct such as domestic violence, but only if there appears to be some merit to the claims (lawsuit, prosecution, etc.). We’re guessing this probably didn’t meet that threshold.

Full petition for relief from domestic violence here:

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