1000 Florida Ave, courtesy Google

1000 Florida Ave, courtesy Google

From a reader:

Hey titan what’s up with 1000 Fla Ave- lots of activity? (corner of West VA and Florida Ave)

From recent construction activity reported by neighbors, it appears that a new business or other occupant will be moving in soon. 

DCRA has a valid permit to replace the storefront, and an electrical permit was pulled in late February.   So, we’ll be keeping our eyes open to more activity- our best guess is that the activity is a facelift for a new store.

Anyone know what’s coming?

 UPDATE: Another reader writes in that the building connected to 1000 Florida Ave (maybe the same building?) has an address of 1101 West VA Avenue NE, which is owned by New Samaritan Baptist Church.  No recent building permits on file for that address, though, except for a fence-building permit last year.

UPDATE: Frozen Tropics has some good photos, and speculates that the new tenant may be a Starbucks or a hardware store.  Seems like a very large space for Starbucks, but we’ll have to wait and see.