As we mentioned previously, the March ANC5E meeting was, um, interesting.  Last week, we brought to light MPD’s presentation at the meeting, which advised citizens not to use the local bike trail alone due to crime and notified everyone that the fence wouldn’t be repair because criminals would just cut it open again.

Further in the meeting notes comes another interesting item:  ANC Commissioner Robinson-Paul asked fellow commissioners to use taxpayer-funded ANC cash to buy her a $500 laptop.  According to meeting notes, “Commissioner Robinson-Paul said she does not have a laptop and since so many communications are via email she needs one but cannot purchase it herself.”

The commissioner, whose unpaid position is part-time, without any enforcement authority, and entirely advisory in nature, vehemently objected when her colleagues questioned the proposal.  Commissioner Robinson-Paul insisted, “You guys can spend six thousand dollars on some dirt and plants but can’t buy me a laptop you are sick”.

In the ended, the ANC passed a motion to purchase a laptop, albeit with a limit of $400, instead of the requested $500. The motion passed with all commissioners except Robinson-Paul voting in favor.

Full ANC5E meeting minutes are below.
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ANC5E notes 2013 03 19 by Scott Roberts