Kathy Henderson, ANC 5D Chair (file photo)

Kathy Henderson, ANC 5D Chair (file photo)

BREAKING: Judge Holeman of DC Superior Court issued a judgment a few moments ago against ANC 5D05 Commissioner Kathy Henderson for defamation against Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club. A hearing is set for October to determine the amount owed by Henderson, but it is expected to be substantial. The original suit requested over $97,000 plus attorney’s fees for lost business and other costs associated with a litany of false statements made by Henderson on public listservs and other media. Add to that a year’s worth of attorney’s fees, and it’s a rather large sum.

In a previous ruling, the judge found that Henderson knew her statements were false at the time she made them, and that she made them in an apparent attempt to disparage the business. Such allegations included false postings made online to local e-mail listserves, as well as false complaints to the DC Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration and other city agencies.

The former Capital City Diner was also originally suing Henderson for the same reasons, but the judge determined that Henderson’s primary target was the diner’s owner rather than the business itself.

We previously discussed the case here, and will post more details as they come.

The plaintiffs are represented by DC civil rights attorney Matthew LeFande.