Last month, a man named James going by the handle “jimball2112” on the popular website Reddit posted a story of his wife’s phone getting stolen while in DC for the Susan G. Komen 3-day event.  Fortunately, the phone was set to sync all photos with an online service, which captured several photos from the phone after it was stolen. Jame posted a set including these photos, which seem to show a green leafy substance and a person wearing a secuirty officer uniform and wearing a DC-registered security officer badge issued by Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Officer Management Branch:



After seeing the incriminating photos, the phone’s owner tried to get police to investigate, but MPD officers reportedly wouldn’t respond:

We have opened a Police Report with DC Metro, but cannot get anyone to call or respond to the issue. I have figured out the person’s name and place of employment as well based on the Name Badge, Patches in other photos. Please could someone help me get my wife’s phone back.

So, the Internet community jumped into action- DC-area users of the website Reddit reassured James, and crowdsourced identification of the person, security company, and buildings in the photos.  Now, James reports he has found justice without the aid of police:

I spent several days going back and forth with the owner it was determined that she was in fact in possession of Stolen Property, lost her Security Professional Certification (whatever that is), and was released from employment.
I have the phone in my hands now, and was compensated for my time and trouble from the Security company.
The DC security company seems to have taken responsibility for their employee’s actions, got the phone back for the rightful owner, and sent James a check for $500:
James adds that he didn’t press charges:

We did not press charges; she lost her job and certification….that was enough for me.