DC Council Candidate Isn’t Sure H Street is So Great


Next year, Ward 6 residents will select a new councilmember to represent them, and Dr. Shelonda Tillman wants their votes.

Tillman, a native Washingtonian with a “Ward 6 family legacy for over 70 years,” showed up at last night’s ANC 6A Alcohol Beverage Licensing Committee meeting, in which concerned citizens, business owners, and advisory neighborhood commissioners discussed local alcohol-serving businesses and- more specifically- operating hours for rooftop decks and patios along H Street NE.

During the meeting, business owners and supporters provided several arguments for their position: years of being good neighbors show their goodwill, the agreements are poorly written from a legal standpoint, and the years-old agreements unfairly restrict them based on the H Street of 5-10 years ago.  Some concerned citizens and commissioners, meanwhile, want to continue the additional limitations on bars and restaurants, saying they’re necessary to prevent additional noise and other problems.

Joe Englert, who is many times credited with the revival of H Street NE, purchased a handful of H Street buildings and began opening bars on H Street in 2005, starting with Argonaut.  At the meeting, he made his case:

But, Council candidate Dr. Tillman wasn’t so sure:


After the meeting, Tillman took to her campaign’s blog to post her concerns about H Street, asking, “Is H Street Really a Great Street?” The single-paragraph screed calls out Englert by the moniker “Mr. Argonaut” and chastises him for suggesting that people wanting more business variety start their own businesses. She also oddly called Argonaut, known as *the* go-to family restaurant in the area, as “not a place where I can take my small children sit, eat, and have a great time without seeing an establishment filled with alcohol behind a bar.”

This covers everything: noise complaints, intoxication, H Street’s national prominence, fear of crime, complaints about lack of business, complaints about current businesses, and more. From Tillman’s campaign blog:

Tonight was a great night listening to residents and business in regards to noise ordinances and hours of operation on H street. As Economic Opportunity and Development being a facet of my political platform. Many homeowners are not pleased with the noise and intoxicated patrons on H Street. Many residents are fed up with the noise from rooftops decks as well. As a business owner and resident of ward 6 I can definitely understand the views of both businesses and restaurants. I was there to observe and listen but a female senior (pearl of wisdom) spoke in reference to the types of businesses on H street. H street is an area in the Ward that has been featured in Forbes magazine. The development has increased property values in the area. I remember as a child being afraid to walk down H street because it was filled with homelessness and narcotics. I am pleased with the development on H street. I decided to speak when the residents around me began to complain that there are no quality places to shop during the day besides liquor stores, barber shops, and nail salons. Mr. Argonaut (who owns approximately 5-8 bars on H st a house on Linden and lives on Connecticut Avenue has done great things in the area, but makes a statement saying “if you want to see those stores such and other sustainable business that are not a bars come into the neighborhood, then how about 20-30 of you sitting here take your money and invest in building one. Wow!!! He continued to say that he has a family restaurant where children eat free on the Wednesdays. In my opinion a family restaurant is a place where I can take my small children sit, eat, and have a great time without seeing an establishment filled with alcohol behind a bar. For example, a resident stated cracker barrel is a family restaurant, IHOP is a family restaurant, Olive Garden is a family restaurant. The resident wanted to see growth and development of sustainable business not just bars, lounges, and a few other business sprawled in between. As a business owner, I understand the bottom line and seeking a return on my investment, but If I am providing a service, I must be open to listening to everyone. I may not be able to please everyone but I can definitely listen to everyone. As a candidate for council, I must listen to the unanimous decisions that were expressed by my constituents. I decided to address Mr. Argonaut and state that many of the residents do not have 10’s of millions of dollars to invest in businesses. But what they have invested numerous amounts of money into are their homes that they have worked hard to purchase and provide shelter for their families. There are tons of stay at home moms in the area and tons of seniors. So Mr. Argonaut and I have decided to connect and give seniors a chance to hand dance and have a great time on H street so they can see what a great street H st has become. I commend all of the business owners especially Mr.Argonaut for investing and developing a business in our Ward. As a candidate for council I pledge to speak with developers to build a quality strip mall on H street that can cater to moms and seniors along with the young adults that love H street just as much as I do. I am definitely going to try the Argonaut on Wednesday Night (tomorrow) and bring my 5 year old daughter since her birthday is Friday. I am glad I went to the meeting to listen to all residents and business owners.

It’s a bit odd that Tillamn’s basis for Argonaut not being family-friendly is the serving of alcohol, considering Olive Garden on her approved list, despite the national chain serving the same. Tillman announced that she will check out claims that Argonaut is a family restaurant tonight, which happens to be their weekly family night in which kids eat free:

Boom: DC Government Seizes Local Strip Club

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When local bar/restaurant TruOrleans closed, they left behind sizable debt, including a lot owed to DC government for back taxes.  By DC’s count, TruOrleans owner James Redding is liable over $100,000 in unpaid sales taxes, and DC wants its money.

As it turns out, DC has seized local strip club Stadium Club, an asset of Mr. Redding.

A DC government official tells us that the strip club will be closed, with the seized assets to be sold off to pay the debt. A neighbor reports that a crew of “about a dozen” police officers and government tax officials were present to close the club this afternoon.  No word on whether they’re open tonight (no one picked up when we called). They were supposed to have no cover for government workers tonight, which may seem appropriate considering the DC government seized the business.


From the DC Office of Tax and Revenue:

The Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) announced today that it has seized the Stadium Club (The Stadium Group, LLC), located at 2127 Queens Chapel Road, NE, to satisfy a debt owed by owner TBM Holdings, LLC/James Redding. See attached lien.
Mr. Redding owes the District more than $100,000 in sales and use taxes for his former restaurant TruOrleans Restaurant and Gallery, located at 400 H Street, NE. In September, OTR seized TruOrleans sales and use tax certificate, essentially shutting it down, for  unpaid taxes.
Under DC law, Mr. Redding is personally responsible for the delinquent sales tax debt and OTR is able to take enforcement action against any of his assets, in this case the Stadium Club.
OTR made numerous attempts to collect the outstanding taxes from Mr. Redding without success. When he failed to respond to multiple collection notices, OTR was forced to take  action.
OTR encourages businesses that are not in compliance to immediately file missing returns immediately, pay any liability due or to contact our Collection Division to arrange a payment plan. The Collection Division can be reached at (202) 724-5045.

DC Ambulances Available Only 17% of the Time


Fire at Webb Elementary in 2012.

Fire at Webb Elementary in 2012.

Earlier this year, we were one of the first to report deplorable fleet tracking and maintenance issues at the DC Fire and EMS Department.  Fire officials provided false records to the DC Council about the fire engines, ambulances, and other equipment needed to save lives.  Officials overstated fleet inventory, misstated records, and some vehicles listed as “in use” were found to have been sent to the scrap yard years ago. Most concerning, no one seemed to know how many fire trucks and ambulances were owned by the city, much less how many were available for use.

Over the summer, maintenance problems plagued the city’s fleet, with claims that not enough ambulances were available to handle the city’s call load. To reassure the public, Mayor Gray announced that DC would place 30 new ambulances in service to ease problems.  So far, says a fire department official, approximately a dozen new ambulances have been placed in service, but they don’t seem to be the magic bullet.

A tipster provided copies of what appeared to be maintenance documents apparently discarded in a city trash can on a public sidewalk near a DC government facility.  20131025-134213.jpgWe confirmed the authenticity of the documents with a senior official in the DC government with knowledge of fleet operations, who acknowledged the data was consistent with FASTER, the fire department’s fleet maintenance tracking system.  He explained that the “availability” of a vehicle is calculated by dividing the number of hours a vehicle is not down for maintenance by the total number of hours in the period.

For example, in a 24-hour day, an ambulance may be taken out of service for maintenance for 6 hours due to an issue that would risk patient care.  For that 24-hour period, the ambulance was out of service for 6 hours but available for 18 hours, thus 75% availability.

According to city records, ambulance availability hovered between 70-80% from October 2012 through spring of 2013.  That is, on an average 24-hour day, the average ambulance may only be available to work 17 hours.  During the summer, when the plethora of equipment problems came to light publicly, the average ambulance was available less than 35% of the time- about 8 hours/day- according to the maintenance documents.

After that, however, the city has placed renewed focus on getting its lifesaving vehicles in tip-top shape, and placed new ambulances into service with much fanfare.  The public was reassured time and again that the problems were being resolved, and that earlier reports were blown out of proportion.  As the city added 12 new ambulances, surely availability would increase, perhaps significantly.

However, for the quarter ending September 30, 2013, the Department’s fleet tracking system shows that ambulance availability dropped to an appallingly low 17.03%.

That’s right- even with a dozen brand new ambulances, the city’s medical response may still be suffering, with DC’s 111 ambulances able to respond to emergency calls about 4 hours per day on average.


Why is that? The numbers certainly raised some interesting questions. Namely, why is the ambulance fleet down 83% of the time, even with a dozen new ambulances in service?

One fire official we spoke with says just yesterday (October 24) the department had to remove 17 units from service during a single 8-hour shift. Reasons for the downtime included engine warning lights, fuel system problems, radio failure, oxygen system leaks, and more. One unit was even down due to a staffing shortage due to FLSA public safety regulations.

But even the new ambulances have troubles. According to one official we spoke with, the city decided to save money and use older, used stretchers on the new ambulances. Since the new ambulances are a few inches taller than the old ones, the old stretchers don’t line up properly, causing stretcher brackets to prematurely fail.

Have a tip for us? Contact us using our online tip form.

The raw reports from the DC Fire & EMS fleet tracking system (FASTER) are below:

Warning: Mountain Lions Underscoring Local Food Sources


mountain lion

A local elected official advises that mountain lions underscore local food sources.

From MPD comes a warning to residents that they have received recent reports of a mountain lion in the area:

There are unconfirmed reports that a mountain lion was spotted twice within the past two months in the area near Bladensburg Road and Banneker Drive.

Andy Solberg

Commander, 5D

ANC Commissioner Henderson warns residents that the news of mountain lions may be exciting, but also worrisome.  She notes that the mountain lions underscore a considerable food source in the area:

Kathy Henderson, ANC 5D Chair (file photo)

Kathy Henderson, ANC 5D Chair (file photo)

This news is both exciting and cause for concern. Increasingly, the habitat for wild animals is reduced due to development for our needs. The Costco and Ryan homes projects consumed a considerable portion of habitat. It makes sense that a mountain lion would be seen in the Fort  Lincoln community because of the large deer population there, underscoring a considerable food source. I am intrigued by the numerous raccoons, foxes and  opossums that scamper up and down our streets after sundown; however  mountain lions are dangerous. If they are indeed in the area ( I believe they are) they are likely in the Arboretum and Fort Lincoln.

Does the Fifth District and Animal Control have a public safety plan to address this issue? What is the plan if someone shoots at a mountain lion as a result of a confirmed sighting? I recommend that 5D, Animal Control, DOH and DPW collaborate to create  a public service announcement to educate the public. It is imperative that citizens move quickly to properly containerize all trash as well as safeguarding small pets.

Commissioner Kathy Henderson, 5D05

Kathy Henderson

Kathy Henderson’s Hatred of Hearty Hawkers Hikes the Heat’s Heedfulness


Kathy Henderson, ANC 5D Chair (file photo)

Kathy Henderson, ANC 5D Chair (file photo)

An update from an issue covered previously in May– local ANC Commissioner Kathy Henderson is back at it, warning citizen to not order from mobile meat vendor Capital Meats, which she claims employs potential burglars who are unlicensed for selling meat.  Capital Meats is a mobile meat delivery service, serving the greater DC area.

There have not been any public reports by police of criminal activity by the meat vendors, but Henderson’s ire has raised the attention of law enforcement.  And now, the police want you to call 911 if you see one of the familiar mobile meat salesmen.

From Kathy Henderson:

Good Afternoon:
Please be advised that we are still receiving complaints regarding Capital Meats aggressively hawking their meat products in our community. Residents here have told us time and time again they do not want these unlicensed meat peddlers from Virginia knocking on their doors and pestering them to buy whatever they are selling. One of my neighbors was very concerned because the unlicensed seller “simply would not take no for an answer even when I told him no thank you…” This neighbor is home alone with a toddler and felt “very unsafe”. These individuals have been known to peer into windows to see if anyone is home. We are being subjected to a rash of break-ins and burglaries and these individuals could be culpable.
Again, we do not want them here, they are unlicensed in Virginia where they are from and they do not have a DC license. We want peace, order and quiet and prefer to purchase our products from reputable retailers, not unlicensed meat peddlers. We respectfully request our law enforcement partners to move them on when they see them anywhere in Carver or Langston Terrace and issue a citation for vending without a license. Thank you.
Commissioner Kathy Henderson, 5D05



Apparently, Henderson’s persistence in tracking the meat peddlers was enough to elicit a response from MPD:

Caveat Emptor “Let the Buyer Beware”

Capital Meats Inc. is based out of Winchester, Va. The District’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA), last reported that its salesmen aren’t properly licensed to do business here in the District of Columbia.  To operate legally, the corporation would need to register with the city, and the salesmen would need licenses. There’s no record of Capital Meats.

Capital Meats relies on subcontractors to sell its products and subcontractors operating in eight states—Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Kentucky—but currently does most of its best business in the Baltimore and Washington Metropolitan Areas.


Corporate Headquarters:

TEL: 866-247-0020

Mailing Address:

Capital Meats, Inc.
P.O. Box 1210
Stephens City, VA 22655

Should you see or be approached by unwelcomed meat vendors, call 9-1-1 and report it to us.  We ask that you also provide the vehicle with tag number, make, model and color being operated and how many sales reps are aboard.  You may also post that information here as well but we prefer that you call 9-1-1 for immediate follow-up.


Mark Beach
Assistant Patrol District Commander

Metropolitan DC Police Department
Fifth Police District


If you’re interested in learning more about Capital Meats, they even have a Youtube channel with videos of their products:


DC Woman Calls 911 Because She’s Stuck in Traffic


A DC 911 calltaker, interested in hearing your complaints about traffic.

DC 911 calltakers have nothing better to do than hear your all-important complaint about being stuck in traffic for a few minutes.

Thanks to a reader for sending this in.  A Brookland woman recently reported that the traffic on Michigan Avenue NE in Ward 5 was so burdensome that she just had to call 911 (emphasis added):

from:     K [redacted]
to:     Brookland@yahoogroups.com
date:     Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 4:10 PM
subject:     [Brookland] Gridlocked Brookland traffic

I’m hoping that someone in our city government gets the message to start paying attention to traffic patterns after seeing the gridlock nightmare that’s resulted this afternoon — before rush hour even started — from the closing of the Michigan/Monroe intersection.

I called 911 shortly after 3 p.m. when it took me forever to continue northbound on Harewood Road from 4th Street, because Michigan was gridlocked. I hope the city gets some traffic control folks to Brookland to handle today’s rush hour.

Except for someone’s posting to this list in the past week, I never heard any announcement from the city that the Michigan/Monroe intersection would be closing today and traffic would be detoured. Did the city announce this to anyone?

Considering that Michigan and Monroe are major east-west commuter routes into and out of D.C. from Maryland, shouldn’t the city have posted some advance warning signs for commuters to read?

Kathy [redacted]
[redacted] Street NE

UPDATE: A reader forwarded us a message from this morning in which the woman stated, “I don’t think there was anything wrong with me calling 911 yesterday to alert the police…I have no idea if they responded.”  We’re willing to bet they had other things to do and are probably well-aware that construction on a major thoroughfare probably creates some traffic delays.

Racist Anti-White Graffiti in Brookland: “If you white…run to Maryland”


From a reader:

Hey Titan,

Not sure if you have seen this yet, but a  Redditor submitted this picture to DC’s Reddit page showing really really racist anti-white grafitti in Brookland.

Wow! This is the first I’ve seen this, and the post doesn’t indicate the exact location.  However, the graffiti does reference the
“12th and Hamlin” gang.  Anyone seen this before?

The original post is on Reddit here.

Whoa: MPD Threatens to Take Child From Parents for Asking About Swimsuit Policy


MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

Wow. Just wow.

Following an incident involving confusion on proper swim attire at a DC government-operated pool, Parks and Rec staff called police, who escorted a Ward 5 resident out.  When the resident asked for clarification about being asked to leave and the swimsuit policy, the police told her to stop asking questions, or they’d take her child and term them over to social services:

Approximately 10-15 minutes later, two police officers walked in and told me that I needed to leave.  They provided no information to me as to why I was being asked to leave, but I asked a lot of questions and figured out Marvin said he had had this issue with me specifically three separate times (I have never met him before) and that I was wearing cotton (I was not, and he knew it because he pulled on the back of my shirt to look for a tag) and that he had asked me to leave (to be clear, he had NEVER asked me to leave).  The police, by the way, said it appeared that I was wearing a swimsuit when they arrived.  We were told by the police we were barred from the entire facility (not just the pool) for a year, and that if we continued to ask questions to the police officers, we would be arrested and our daughter would be put in custody of social services.  Furthermore, we were told that if we returned we would be arrested for trespassing, but the police would not provide copies of the trespass warning we were required to sign, and DPR staff refused to make copies.


Here’s the full e-mail on the situation sent to local lsitservs:

From: [Ward 5 Resident]
To: Eckington@yahoogroups.com ; eckingtonkids@yahoogroups.com ; brookland_kids@yahoogroups.com ; McDuffie, Kenyan (Council); Mandel, Jon (Council); Aguirre, Jesus (DPR); Wells, Thomas (COUNCIL); Catania, David A. (COUNCIL)
Sent: Tue Jun 25 22:34:52 2013
Subject: Disturbing incident at Turkey Thicket pool

(This is a very long email, and I apologize for that, but I am at my wit’s end!)

 I had a very disturbing experience today at Turkey Thicket pool today.  We arrived at 4:55pm, during a lifeguard “break”; no one would tell us how long it was.  While we were waiting, we were approached by a lifeguard and another DPR employee, who asked me if my tankini sport shirt was a swimsuit.  I told the woman (Kata) that it was my understanding sport shirts were OK as long as they weren’t cotton, due to an email from Sean Link (head of DPR aquatics) from last summer stating “If a bather has a shirt that is swim apparel, such as in the link below, they are certainly able to wear it. http://www.coolibar.com/sunprotectiveswimwear.html?s_kwcid=TC%7C8789%7Cswim%20shirts%7C%7CSM%7Ce%7C6629508974”. (Those shirts are made of polyester, the shirt I was wearing was polyester, nylon and spandex, exactly what swimwear is made of).  She said it was a difficult situation because she had asked other people to change when wearing similar swim attire, despite the fact that I might be right.  I asked her why my shirt wasn’t acceptable and she said it wasn’t swim material.  I pointed out that “swim shirts” which are explicitly allowed by DPR are not “swim” material.  I said that I was planning to swim as I was wearing appropriate swim clothing.  She walked away.

The other employee, a man, was very rude to me, so my husband asked for his name and supervisor’s name, and he refused to tell us.  This had actually happened before – my husband took our daughter to the pool a few weeks ago, and this man said my husband couldn’t wear a sport shirt on the deck.  My husband removed it, but asked for his name and supervisor, so he could find out the policy, and after stalling, he said his name was Timothy.  I asked Kata (the lifeguard) what his name was and she said Marvin Drummond, so he had previously lied to my husband. [We were also told today that only swimsuits were allowed on deck, no cover ups or T-shirts, and that “as soon as you leave the locker room you are ‘in’ the pool”.  However, I have an email from Sean Link, who said “staff is aware of the rules regarding allowance of cotton cover-ups (and other pool-friendly attire) on the swimming pool deck.”  Another email from Sean to the listserv last summer states “My staff should not prohibit anyone from wearing a t-shirt, whether cotton or some other material when not in the swimming pool. I share your frustration as it has been clearly communicated at our internal staff meetings. If a patron is sitting poolside in pool appropriate attire, with a cover-up on that is permissible.”]

While I was in the pool (approximately 20 minutes), I observed 8 individuals with mesh basketball shorts on, one with visible cotton underwear, two with cotton head wraps, one arm cast, and approximately 10 individuals on deck with shoes or tshirts.  Even the lifeguards were wearing cotton shorts, mesh shorts, and mesh shirts (none of which were from the website indicated by Sean), and one of the on-duty lifeguards was doing flips off the diving board while wearing this mesh outfit.  My husband asked why no one else was being instructed to change and Kata’s answer was “you haven’t been here all day, sometimes we ask people to leave.”  But DPR staff did not ask anyone else to leave while we were in the pool.

The first time we were hassled at Turkey Thicket (for not showering first), we apologized and learned the rules.  The second time, when my husband was asked to remove his shirt on deck (and did), he contacted DPR twice (and I contacted them once via Twitter) for clarification, with no response.  But the fact that no one else was asked to change, including the dozens of other people wearing (according to the lifeguards) unacceptable attire, when taken with the fact that we are always in the racial minority at this pool, does not seem to be a coincidence.

Marvin returned after I had been in the pool for 10 minutes to tell me that his supervisor, Cecelia, said what I was wearing wasn’t a swimsuit.  I asked him if she was there, to see what I was wearing, and he said no, she was on the phone.  I said that what I was wearing was non-cotton and qualified as a swim shirt.  He walked away and didn’t say anything else.  Approximately 10-15 minutes later, two police officers walked in and told me that I needed to leave.  They provided no information to me as to why I was being asked to leave, but I asked a lot of questions and figured out Marvin said he had had this issue with me specifically three separate times (I have never met him before) and that I was wearing cotton (I was not, and he knew it because he pulled on the back of my shirt to look for a tag) and that he had asked me to leave (to be clear, he had NEVER asked me to leave).  The police, by the way, said it appeared that I was wearing a swimsuit when they arrived.  We were told by the police we were barred from the entire facility (not just the pool) for a year, and that if we continued to ask questions to the police officers, we would be arrested and our daughter would be put in custody of social services.  Furthermore, we were told that if we returned we would be arrested for trespassing, but the police would not provide copies of the trespass warning we were required to sign, and DPR staff refused to make copies.  The fact that neither DPR nor the police are required (or even ethically obligated) to provide a reason for issuing a trespass warning on public property is unacceptable.

I find it appalling that DPR, despite the fact that my husband and I emailed DPR half a dozen times for clarification on the “swim shirt” and “no shirts on deck” rules (in addition to multiple community requests for this information that I am aware of), can’t get their act together, decide on a policy, post it clearly at each pool, and train their employees accordingly.  Furthermore, why is the DPR employee in charge of the Turkey Thicket pool obscuring his name badge, refusing to provide his name and lying about it?  Why, when asked for this information, did he call the police and have law-abiding, rule following, taxpaying citizens removed, rather than simply provide information that any public employee should be required to provide on demand?  We have a right to know this information, and asking for it should not result in us being excluded from taxpayer-funded recreational facilities.  The fact that the DPR rules for pool facilities are still listed vaguely as “proper swim attire” over a year after many community requests for clarification is ludicrous.  That someone can be barred (not asked to leave, but banned for a year) from a public facility for wearing a piece of clothing of possibly (but not certainly) the wrong (but not unsafe or inappropriate) material, while at least a dozen other people wore definitively unacceptable materials without being harassed, is unfathomable.  The fact that my husband was additionally barred apparently for asking for Marvin’s name and supervisor’s information is ridiculous.

First, I want the trespass warning formally revoked in writing by DPR.  Along with this, I want a letter from the Director of DPR to MPD explaining that DPR requests the order to be revoked, so that we can confirm with the police department that we won’t be arrested the next time we try to use the pool.  Further, I would like DPR to conduct a formal investigation as to why this employee refused to provide us with his name or his supervisor’s contact information until ordered to by the police.  In addition, we would like a written apology from DPR, along with written definitions of what “pool”, “deck”, “proper swim attire”, and “swim shirt” are, along with the written policy explaining what actions staff are to take if they believe the rules aren’t being followed.  If we are allowed back in the pool, as we should be, we ask that Marvin, if he is allowed to remain in charge of that facility, which he should not be, not be allowed to approach or talk to us (he’s not a lifeguard, so he has no need to).

If DPR decides to dig in its heels and not revoke the order, I demand a full accounting of what Marvin told the police to justify our being barred, including who made the decision, what justified the decision, and why no one informed me that I should leave before calling the police.

I hope that other people who have had issues with the Turkey Thicket staff, or DPR aquatic staff generally, will come forward so that if changes need to be made, they can be made quickly.

If you want DPR to clarify its position on what “proper swim attire” is, please do one (or more) of the following:

– Contact the DPR Director, jesus.aguirre@dc.gov

– Sign the petition to get DPR to clarify its ‘swim attire’ rules https://www.change.org/petitions/district-of-columbia-department-of-parks-and-recreation-define-proper-swim-attire-and-train-employees-accordingly?share_id=uMZyXrxfkk&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

– Tweet to @DCDPR

– Email Kenyan McDuffie at kmcduffie@dccouncil.us (and his constituent services coordinator, jmandel@dccouncil.us)

Reader Request: “War on Cars” Shirt


Thanks to reader Alex for tipping us off to this shirt.  Alex writes:

hahaha someone needs to send AAA one of these shirts!

The shirt, available for sale online, “features [a] bicyclist holding pitchfork in a menacing manner, and the #bikedc hashtag below,” and mocks those automobile drivers with a “car windshield perspective,” according to the contratees.com website.


Council Candidate Zuckerberg Hosting “4/20” Event on the Mall Saturday

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DC Council candidate Paul Zuckerberg, “DC’s top marijuana defense lawyer”, is holding a 4/20 rally event right in view of the Capitol from 11am – 4pm this Saturday:

The Committee to Elect Paul Zukerberg to the DC Council in the April 23, 2013 Special Election has announced that it will host a free rally and concert at the Capitol on Saturday, 4/20/13. Acts include the Originators (reggae), Daryl Davis (boogie woogie), the Unfortunate Sons (rock) and headlining will be Congo Sanchez of the Thievery Corporation. Music kicks off at 11:00 a.m. at 3rd and Constitution, NW, right in front of the Capitol and all events are absolutely free. DC voters can take a short walk to DC only early voting polling station next to the concert.

Afterwards, you’ll have time to attend a local Trinidad event: the Twerk and Rumble from 4pm-11pm.

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