Doorknocker of the Day: Cool old lion edition

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lion doorknocker

A reader sent in this photo of an awesome doorknocker.  Loving it!

Sweet Old-School Bicentennial License Plate

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Found in a reader’s basement, here’s a sweet old-school DC license plate from the 1976 bicentennial:


license plate

Really sweet re-use for old doors spotted on H Street NE

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Check out this really sweet re-use for old doors!  This display in Gallery On H’s window highlight these really cool mirrors & shelves made from re-used doors, the prices range from below $100 to $450. Very cool.


Awesome Old-School Trinidad DC Carriage House


This awesome old-school two-story carriage house faces the alley of 1200 block of Morse Street / Florida Avenue.  Really love the old doors and the original brick.

Swell City Sign: Montana Double Car Wash

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Spotted on a walk this morning near Montana Ave & 18th St NE.  It’s a sweet old school car wash!  Anyone know the history?

Sweet old-timey hardware supplies



I stopped by Park’s Hardware the other night to get some pipe cement, and came across this sweet collection of old-timey paint for sale.

They also had this on another nearby shelf:


Door knocker of the day

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Check out this sweet door knocker I found on a walk this weekend.  It’s awesomely ornate!  Really digging this style.  What do you think?

Awesome new tree-side recycling bins from DDOT!



From a reader:

ToTville, don’t you just love these new mini trash cans that the DDOT gave us?

It looks like there are new recycling bins installed by DDOT’s Urban Forestry Administation, the DC agency responsible for all of the city’s urban trees.  The new tree-side recycling bins even have different sections, presumably for different types of recycling.  What do you think of this new initiative by the city- will it encourage recycling?    Will you use the new recycling bins?  What do you think?

UPDATE, from DDOT: “Despite the unfortunately frequent utilization as such, these are actually not intended to be recycling bins! Amazing to learn, I know. But in reality, their intended correct use is as a newfangled sort of “tree watering” bin, and they replace the older “bag-style” technology. Therefore, we don’t advise residents to discard waste- recyclable or otherwise – in them, because DPW will not collect it.”

Thanks to DDOT for posting more info below in the comments.  Wow- a device that waters trees automatically?! What will they think of next?  Also, why won’t DPW collect the trash we place in the trees?  Is DPW encouraging Ward 5 to be a dumping groung?  What do you think?

Super sweet: an entire bowl of antique door handles

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Reader Kevin sent this awesome photo of a super sweet sight: AN ENTIRE BOWL OF ANTIQUE DOOR KNOBS!


Totally awesome drawer handle


Man this is great! Really loving the sweet style of this drawer handle.


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