Crazy City Cars: European Car Sideways Parking Job


sideways euro car

From a reader:

Spotted last week. A Euro-style car parked perpendicular to the street in a parking space rather than parallel like everyone else.

What do you think? Seems kind’ve efficient, as long as it’s not impeding traffic.  Anyone know the make/model?

QOTD: “My neighborhood blog isn’t covering my neighborhood. What do I do?”


From a reader comes our question of the day:

Tip: Hey ToT!

I don’t live in Trinidad but maybe you can give me some advice: I’m getting super bummed that my neighborhood blog isn’t covering my neighborhood goings on anymore. There was a shooting in a our neighborhood the other night and I totally expected my blog to have a post about it with various comments from neighborhood trolls but nothing. I read thru various real estate posts and not so good deal posts but nothing on the shooting. I’m afraid that my neighborhood blog has turned into another DC real estate blog. So where can I go to read about my neighborhood? Oh! And should I call this a Rant or a Revel?



Gosh, I dunno. Next thing you know, they’ll be talking about a store moving in Hechinger Mall.  Anyone have any advice for this reader?

Dear ToTville: What’s Up With 1000 Florida Ave?


1000 Florida Ave, courtesy Google

1000 Florida Ave, courtesy Google

From a reader:

Hey titan what’s up with 1000 Fla Ave- lots of activity? (corner of West VA and Florida Ave)

From recent construction activity reported by neighbors, it appears that a new business or other occupant will be moving in soon. 

DCRA has a valid permit to replace the storefront, and an electrical permit was pulled in late February.   So, we’ll be keeping our eyes open to more activity- our best guess is that the activity is a facelift for a new store.

Anyone know what’s coming?

 UPDATE: Another reader writes in that the building connected to 1000 Florida Ave (maybe the same building?) has an address of 1101 West VA Avenue NE, which is owned by New Samaritan Baptist Church.  No recent building permits on file for that address, though, except for a fence-building permit last year.

UPDATE: Frozen Tropics has some good photos, and speculates that the new tenant may be a Starbucks or a hardware store.  Seems like a very large space for Starbucks, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Dear ToTville: What’s Up With the Hecht Warehouse?


Hecht Company Warehouse, New York Avenue NE  (© Superbass / CC-BY-SA-3.0 / via Wikimedia Commons)

Hecht Company Warehouse, New York Avenue NE
(© Superbass / CC-BY-SA-3.0 / via Wikimedia Commons)

 From a reader:

Hey Titan,

Heard some scuttlebutt today! An officer with the DC Office of Planning mentioned at my civic association meeting today that there may be some changes happening at the Douglas Development-owned Hecht Warehouse on NY Ave NE.

Something about some zoning changes, maybe, that might finally get some business in there?… wasn’t able to talk to her about it further. It’s such a sweet building! Have you heard anything on your end? I think it would be a great place for a Trader Joes, or maybe that Eataly place that Mario Batali is supposed to be opening up.

While it’s probably a wee bit premature to speculate on Trader Joe’s or Eataly, the Hecht Warehouse is indeed progressing.  The warehouse, in the Ivy City neighborhood, faces New York Avenue. 

A recent Office of Zoning notice indicates that Douglas Development plans a high-density office building with ground floor retail.  Recently, the property owner applied to the Office of Zoning to request rezoning to allow additional height and density than currently allowed, for an office building with ground-floor retail:

The property that is the subject of this application consists of parts of Lots 7 and 804 in Square 4037 in Northeast Washington, D.C. (Ward 5), which is located at 1401-1535 New York Avenue, N.E.  The property is currently zoned C-M-2.  The Applicant proposes a map amendment to rezone the property to the C-M-3 Zone District in order to permit the additional height and density to accommodate a proposed new office building with ground-floor retail.  The property is currently improved with the former Hecht Company Warehouse, a landmark complex of buildings constructed between 1937 and 1994.  The project will require review and approval by the Historic Preservation Review Board.   

If granted, the rezoning would allow a maximum height of 90 feet, up from the current maximum of 60 feet.  In addition, the maximum-allowed density would rise to a 6.0 FAR (floor-to-area ratio), up from 4.0 FAR.

Last year, the Washington, DC Economic Partnership tweeted that the Hecht Warehouse site would be home to 459 residential units and over 200,000 square feet of retail.  That tweet was later deleted, with no official confirmation on whether it was accurate.

This zoning case, as noted on the application, “is of interest to ANC 5D.”  No word yet on whether the ANC Commission is aware of it or if they’ll discuss it at the next meeting.

We’ve reached out to Douglas Development for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.

This post is the result of a reader tip.  If you have a tip, let us know at titan@titanoftrinidad.com, or snitch anonymously using our online tip form.

McDuffie Urges Obama to Place “Taxation Without Representation” Tags On His Limo


Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5 Councilor

Kenyan McDuffie, Ward 5 Councilor

From a press release:

Today, Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie (D – Ward 5) joined his Council colleagues to urge President Obama to place the District of Columbia’s “Taxation Without Representation” license plates on the presidential limousines.

In 2000, the District made “Taxation Without Representation” the official license plate motto to call attention to the District’s lack representation in Congress. This week, the Council passed an emergency Sense of the Council Resolution encouraging President Obama to start using the tag in time for the inaugural parade on January 21.

Councilmember McDuffie offered the following statement on the issue:

“The District of Columbia’s residents pay taxes and are held accountable to federal laws, but we do not have a vote in Congress. I am pleased that President Obama is reportedly supportive of voting rights for District residents. Displaying the “Taxation Without Representation” tags would demonstrate his support and help increase awareness about the District’s second-class status.

“I stand with my colleagues and ask that the President place the “Taxation Without Representation” plates on the presidential limousine. Additionally, I urge President Obama to do it prior to the inauguration, so millions of Americans will be able to grasp the reality faced by the residents of the District of Columbia.”

The DC Council is trying to convice the President to use DC’s “Taxation Without Representation” license plates on his limo to bring attention to DC’s status (his limo currently uses the non-political DC license plate design bearing the city’s website address).  Presumably, they want this in time for the inauguration, when all eyes will be on DC.

What do you think?  Will Obama change his license plates?

Will Obama change his license plates?

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Daily Hustle: Bag of Food for $4?


From a reader:

Hi, I was out last night and there was a guy selling items out of his van in the parking lot near my apartment at Atlas Flats.  One of the items was a black liquor-store-style baggie that contained a bunch of food items, including, spaghetti, block of cheese, peanut butter, beans, peaches, milk, and other items (see photos).  He said that the items were extras from a DC food giveaway and that they needed to get rid of them so they’re for sale for $4 (he originally said $5, but dropped it to give me a discount).  Have you seen this before? Is this a regualr thing? Is it legit??  I was suspicious because if it’s from a charity, how are there extras?

I don’t blame you for being suspicious, and it sounds sketchy. What you do you think?


Will DCPS close Browne Jr. High or Spingarn?


A reader writes;

I heard a rumor Tuesday that they are going to be closing Browne or Spingarn.  Have you heard anything?  Is that true?

I, too, have heard similar rumors- that the city will close either Browne Junior High School or Spingarn High School. But, with that said, I haven’t been able to confirm it with someone with direct knowledge. However, we’ll soon find out:  DC Public Schools is set to announce a list of schools slated for closure next week.

It’s interesting to note that both Browne and Spingarn (in addition to Trinidad’s Wheatley) were listed as underperforming “tier 4” schools  in a 2012 DCPS report that analyzed school location and performance.   The report recommended:

turnaround or close the three Tier 4 schools, based on a cost/benefit analysis.

The report also provides the proficiency levels in reading and math, and it’s seen as one of the big measures for school performance:

  • Wheatley: 20.4% math proficiency, 18.7 reading proficiency
  • Browne Jr. High: 29.3% math proficiency, 22.5% reading proficiency
  • Spingarn High: 10.4% math proficiency, 16.7 reading proficiency

Yes, that’s correct: schoolwide, only 10.4% of our high school students are proficient in math and only 16.7% are proficient in reading.   The highest-performing DCPS school, Mamie D. Lee School, produced students with 100% proficiency in both reading and math.

The Post reported DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson said that more that 40% of Spingarn’s students miss at least 1 month of school every year due to unexcused absences.  Combine the schools’ poor performance with very high truancy rates, and it’s a perfect recipe for school closing.  Based on previous school consolidations/closings, I would be very surprised if at least one of the above-listed schools didn’t close.  Either way, we’ll know for sure next week.

The big question is: why?  Why are the schools underperforming and why do we have such high truancy? 

If you have more information or insight, comment below, or e-mail to titan@titanoftrinidad.com.


Dear ToTville: Can I Water Plants Using a Syringe-filled Bottle?


From a reader:

Dear ToTville- I found this while picking up trash on my street. Do you think it’s okay to water my plants with it?

 Wow I dunno.  What do you think?  What interesting things have you found a re-use for?

Dear ToTville: Any advice for painting radiators?



From a reader:

Dear ToT-  Does anyone have any advice for painting radiators?  I live in a Trinidad rowhome and want to give them a new, fresh look.  Any advice is welcome!  Thanks!


Dear ToTville: Loud man broke car window. Should I call 311 or 911?


MPD cruiser (file photo)

From a reader:

Hi ToT,
I was hoping to get some clarification from your readers, because I’m not sure if I did the right thing.
Last night while sitting in my home office, I looked out my front window and saw a man who was yelling and screaming.  I’m not sure who he was yelling at, but he then started hitting one of the cars parked on our block.  At one point he broke the window with a rock!  When the window broke, he started running down the sidewalk and out of view.  I called 911, and the police came a few minutes later, but now I’m not sure if that was the right move.  I mean, nobody was really getting hurt, and I feel silly having the police respond when the guy clearly got away.  Should I have just called 311 instead?

Remember, folks- 911 is for anytime you need police, whether an emergency or not.



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