BREAKING: Geoff & Jaime leaving DC for California



A typical California day.

A typical California day.  No idea why they want to leave for this crap. Seriously, WTF?

Local couple Geoff Hatchard and Jaime Fearer announced today that they are leaving Trinidad, DC for California.   From their blog post:

I’m going to keep this one short for now, and not bury the lede. We’re moving to California soon.

Jaime and I have lived in DC for a decade, it’s our home, and there’s no doubt we love it like crazy. We spent weeks agonizing over what it would mean to leave behind the friends we’ve made and communities we’ve connected with here. In the end, I was offered a career opportunity that’s far too exciting to pass up, so we’re going to take the plunge and see what life is like in the Bay Area.

We promise we’ll both have more to say on the blog and in other places in the coming weeks. The entire thing has brought forth a flood of thoughts that we need to write down and share.

Geoff and Jaime have been awesomely dedicated neighbors, and we’re sad to see them go.  When we receive more details, we’ll provide an update.

When MPD wouldn’t, the Internet helped get a stolen phone back from an MPD-registered security officer


Last month, a man named James going by the handle “jimball2112” on the popular website Reddit posted a story of his wife’s phone getting stolen while in DC for the Susan G. Komen 3-day event.  Fortunately, the phone was set to sync all photos with an online service, which captured several photos from the phone after it was stolen. Jame posted a set including these photos, which seem to show a green leafy substance and a person wearing a secuirty officer uniform and wearing a DC-registered security officer badge issued by Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Officer Management Branch:



After seeing the incriminating photos, the phone’s owner tried to get police to investigate, but MPD officers reportedly wouldn’t respond:

We have opened a Police Report with DC Metro, but cannot get anyone to call or respond to the issue. I have figured out the person’s name and place of employment as well based on the Name Badge, Patches in other photos. Please could someone help me get my wife’s phone back.

So, the Internet community jumped into action- DC-area users of the website Reddit reassured James, and crowdsourced identification of the person, security company, and buildings in the photos.  Now, James reports he has found justice without the aid of police:

I spent several days going back and forth with the owner it was determined that she was in fact in possession of Stolen Property, lost her Security Professional Certification (whatever that is), and was released from employment.
I have the phone in my hands now, and was compensated for my time and trouble from the Security company.
The DC security company seems to have taken responsibility for their employee’s actions, got the phone back for the rightful owner, and sent James a check for $500:
James adds that he didn’t press charges:

We did not press charges; she lost her job and certification….that was enough for me.



Shooting last night sends two victims to hospital

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Last night, there was a shooting in the area near 16th and Queen Street NE. Two victims were sent to the hospital; according to neighbor reports to us, one victim was loaded at the gas station across from Denny’s and the other near Holbrook and Oates St NE.

Perhaps more surprisingly to some, the city somehow had 2 working ambulances available, despite a deplorable record of ambulances being available only 17% of the time on average:

From Metropolitan Police:

The Metropolitan Police Department’s Fifth Police District requests your assistance in providing information concerning a shooting that occurred last evening, Wednesday, December 18,2013, at approximately 9:32 PM in the 1500 block of Queen Street, NE, in our Trinidad Community.

While on 16th Street, NE, a group of three men were congregating when gunshots rang out from the North Alley of the 1500 block of Queen Street, NE and two of those three adult males realized that they had been shot. Calls were placed into 9-1-1 and Fifth Police District Units responded to assist and begin the preliminary investigation into this criminal act.

Both victims were transported to local area hospitals for treatment of their wounds.

We have worked extremely hard this year in reducing crime and the fear of crime in Trinidad. You have stepped up and supported us every step of the way and our collective efforts have made a positive difference. But, as last night reminded us of, we still have work to do. We will not let the reckless and dangerous acts of a very few endanger this community as a whole.

Based upon this event, we are committed to increasing our visibility and bringing forth stability and pro active strategies to reduce, with a goal of eliminating, the criminal element within our community.

We ask that you help us to help you. Continue to be our eyes and ears on this criminal matter and any other matters that erode the safety and security we have built together. If you see something, say something. Call 9-1-1 with anything and everything you feel we need to know, need to intervene on, no matter how small or inconsequential it may seem.

We feel strongly that with your assistance we can close this shooting. Be an active listener, ask questions and seek out information that can bring these criminals to justice.

Mark Beach
Assistant Patrol District Commander
Metropolitan DC Police Department
Fifth Police District

Best Spot for Half-Pint or 40: Gas Station Across from CVS

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gas station booze

It’s been a while– some say too long– since we’ve had a proper “Best Spot for Half-Pint or 40” post. Thanks to a reader for sending in the above photo, taken at the gas station across from CVS on Bladensburg Road at Morse St NE.

Where do you like to enjoy your adult beverages?

Tonight: Fundraiser for military survivors; $20 for unlimited beer 8-10pm

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The Pug, 1234 H Street NE

The Pug, 1234 H Street NE

Tonight, the best bar on H Street NE (according to our reader poll, and testimony of many others) is hosting a fundraiser for a great cause.  From 8-10pm tonight (Thursday), stop by the Pug at 1234 H Street NE and get unlimited Strohs beer for a $20 donation.   The money goes to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a non-profit group that support military survivors.

From Tony, owner of the Pug:

Please excuse the long post, but we’ve got a fundraiser tonight at the pug tonight i want to tell you about. A year ago, chaz and i were working a slow december evening when a group of ten or so came in. There was an order placed for some kind of shooter that doesn’t get done at the pug. After some discussion, whiskey was served and after further conversation, it turned out this group was in to honor the anniversary of young man who had been killed in afghanistan. With out going into great detail, Justin Schmalstieg was killed on December 15th defusing a roadside bomb. Certainly the term hero and warrior gets tossed about frequently, all i say is this guy’s actions saved the lives of the folks he was with.

Beyond serving up a bunch of whiskey, listening to these veterans, playing amazing grace on the juke box, and leaving an empty barstool for these kids killed in action, i think most of us are largely ill equipped to help.

Justin’s family are involved now with TAPS, tragedy assistance program for survivors. Look them up at taps.org. Tonight, at the pug, in honor of Justin, from 8 to 10 we will be raising funds for TAPS. A $20 donation gets as much strohs as you care to imbibe. Please try to stop by, or make a donation on line, or just take a moment to remember those who are serving and sacrificing daily to make our lives better. (if you wouldn’t mind sharing this for other people to see, i’ld be grateful.)

MPD Officer Suspected of Child Porn Found in Washington Channel; Transported to Hospital with Life-Threatening Injuries

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MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

Multiple sources reported to us that the U.S. Park Police and Metropolitan Police are working an active scene near Hains Point, where they have pulled a man from the Washington Channel.

After recovering the body, police began CPR and the victim was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to the sources, the victim is MPD officer Marc Washington, who was recently announced as the target of a child pornography investigation.

Washington was arrested last week. At a hearing Monday on Washington’s child porn charges, a judge released Washington and ordered him to house arrest and to wear a GPS monitoring device. We have not yet been able to officially confirm the latest details with the MPD Public Information Officer. More details as they become available.

Tonight’s ANC 5D meeting canceled/postponed due to hazardous conditions

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snow plow rain

From ANC 5D chair Kathy Henderson:

Good Afternoon All:

The weather, though manageable now will turn hazardous this afternoon when the temperature drops. We appreciate all of the concerned neighbors that attend our meetings and additional neighbors that planned to attend tonight. We want everyone to be safe. This meeting will be rescheduled.

Kathy Henderson, 5D05
Chairman, ANC 5D
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

MPD Swifty Acts to Arrest One of Its Own for Child Porn

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MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier

Yesterday, the Metropolitan Police learned of allegations that one of its officers may be involved in production of child pornography, and they took swift action to investigate and arrest the officer in the same day.  From MPD:

The Metropolitan Police Department has announced the arrest of one of its own members. On Monday, December 2, 2013, the Metropolitan Police Department became aware of an allegation that an on duty officer had produced pornographic images of a juvenile. Members of the Metropolitan Police Department took immediate steps to investigate this allegation.

Within hours on Monday, December 2, 2013, Officer Marc Washington was arrested by members of the Youth Investigations Division and the Internal Affairs Bureau and charged with Production of Child Pornography.

Officer Washington joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 2006 and was assigned to the Seventh District.

“We invest a great amount of time and effort to ensure that we are hiring the right people and we continue to proactively monitor integrity across the department,” said Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier. “But to learn of an allegation of this kind against a person who is sworn to protect our children, it is both shocking and disturbing. We are fortunate that someone came forward to alert us of this behavior to ensure that we prevent future victims.”

Unscheduled Leave or Telework for Tuesday November 26

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capitol snow

Work for the federal government?  The government is open, but you have the option to take unscheduled leave or telework Tuesday, due to foreseen wintry weather in the morning.  From OPM:

The following message applies only to November 26, 2013

Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are OPEN and employees have the OPTION for UNSCHEDULED LEAVE OR UNSCHEDULED TELEWORK.

Non-Emergency Employees must notify their supervisor of their intent to use unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework (if telework-ready). In accordance with their agency’s policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements, non-emergency employees have the option to use:

  1. earned annual leave, compensatory time off, credit hours, or sick leave, as appropriate;
  2. leave without pay;
  3. their flexible work schedule day off or rearrange their work hours under flexible work schedules; or
  4. unscheduled telework (if telework-ready).

Telework-Ready Employees who are regularly scheduled to perform telework or who notify their supervisor of their intention to perform unscheduled telework must be prepared to telework for the entire workday, or take unscheduled leave, or a combination of both, for the entire workday in accordance with their agency’s policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements.

NOTE: Official operating status updates are posted on our website at http://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/snow-dismissal-procedures/current-status/

Stadium Club Back Open After Making it Rain on DC Government


Yesterday, the DC Office of Tax and Revenue seized assets of local strip club Stadium Club, shuttering the business until a tax debt from another restaurant owned by one of the owners was paid.

All is well tonight at the local strip club, as they’re back open after the tax debt was paid today.  The best part, they made it rain on DC government by paying approximately $40,000 of the debt in one dollar bills.

Reports Michael Neibauer of the Washington Business Journal:

Rejoice: the Stadium Club will be open for the weekend. The bill was paid Friday, much of it in singles.

That’s not a joke: $40,000 of the roughly $150,000 collected by the Office of Tax and Revenue was paid in $1 bills, sources tell the Washington Business Journal.

The club is back open tonight, and they have open bar 6p-9p tonight (Friday).


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